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Sunday, 1 April 2018

What is the difference between C++ and Java

Difference Between C++ and Java 

Difference Between C++ and Java Programming Language

Here we going to see what is the difference between C++ and Java Programming language. Both programming language are used for software development for different-different purpose.

Here we will discuss java vs c++ differences with point-to-point.

Let's start main differences between java and c++ programming language.

Java vs c++ is also important question for both core java interviews and c++ interviews .

C++ Programming Language

  • C++ was developed in 1979.
  • C++ is invented by Bjarne Stroustrup.
  • C++ is platform-dependent programming language.
  • C++ is mainly used for windows applicaton or system or desktop application.
  • C++ supports pointer concept.
  • C++ supports goto statement.
  • C++ supports multiple inheritance.
  • C++ supports structures and union concepts.
  • C++ requires explicit memory management.
  • C++ supports both call by reference and call by value.
  • C++ supports operator overloading concept.
  • C++ is compiled programming language.
  • C++ supports conditional inclusion e.g #ifdef, #ifndef.
  • C++ does not allow documentation comment.
  • C++ does not have built-in support for threads.

Java Programming Language

  • Java was developed in 1995.
  • Java is invented by James Gosling.
  • Java is platform-independent programming language.
  • Java is mainly used for web application, desktop application, mobile application and enterprise application.
  • Java does not supports pointer concept.
  • Java does not supports goto statement.
  • Java does not supports multiple inheritance through class but it can be possible by using interface concept in java.
  • Java does not support structure and union concepts.
  • Java provides automatic garbage collection for mamory mangement.
  • Java supports only call by value.
  • Java does not support operator overloading. Supports only method overloading and method overrding.
  • Java is both compiled and interpreted programming language.
  • Java does not support conditional compilationa and inclusion.
  • Java allows documentation comment.
  • Java provides built-in supports for threads.

Here we discussed main differences between java and c++ programming language one by one.

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